Custom Songs

How it works

Custom Original Music: Your Story, Your Song


Inspirational Questions

Answer a few questions. Your answers will inspire me and help me infuse the song with the personal details and emotions that matter most to you.


Choose Your Style

From intimate acoustic singer-songwriter vibes to a variety of styles inspired by favorite artists, let me know your preferred style or song, or an artist you admire, and I’ll compose the song to your taste.


Your Ideas, My Song

With your story and emotions in mind, I’ll create a beautiful song that captures the essence of what you want to say, giving life to a melody that holds profound meaning.

Some Love From Our Clients

“I can’t believe you turned our story into this gorgeous song! Rusty I’m so grateful I found you because after I listened to a couples artists, but I found you had something special that made me decide to choose you ! The way you make music it’s like, amazing, you have so much passion when you sing . I’m so thankful for helping me out to find the best gift ever ! Thank you Rusty . I can’t wait to see her reaction!”

Aldo N.

“Rusty was right on with the song. This is the second time he created music that blessed us. He’s our number 1 favorite songwriter!”

Cynthia D.

“We LOVE the song that Rusty wrote! It far exceeded my expectations! I wrote a lot in the notes, and you can tell he really read them and paid specific attention. His lyrics were so clever and they eloquently weaved my words together better than I did. When other people hear the lyrics, they sound sweet, however the words were used in a way that has special meaning to my husband and I. Also, I mentioned our favorite song and he really used that info to create a beautiful melody that we both really love.
To top it off, he finished a day early, during a holiday weekend. I cannot recommend Rusty enough! I am so glad that I found him to write our song!”


“Thank you very much for the song for our anniversary. My husband was thrilled with the song.”

Karen A.

“The best Mother’s Day gift we could have given our 91-year-young mom!!! She was surrounded today with her 4 daughters, son-in -law, 3 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren!!! Of course, all in tears with happiness!!! Rusty you were AMAZING!!! ”

Angie M.

“Rusty did an absolutely amazing job with our story. He turned it into something beautiful in just one minute. He captured it all. I am so thankful to have this forever. Thank you Rusty!”

Kaleigh D.