As a speaker, teacher, singer and songwriter, I’ve had the
opportunity to encourage and inspire many audiences.
Think of my presentation as a keynote concert.
I look forward to speaking at your next event.

I will give listeners tools to walk through the darkness of self doubt and become more resilient.

Engaging and dynamic, Rusty Perez uses his life experience as a
blind individual to encourage audiences to overcome self-doubt
and find their own success.

With memorable stories, humor and original music, his message will
entertain, engage and amaze your audience. They will leave with
practical, actionable steps to move them forward after his talk.

Audiences find him intriguing

Rusty is often asked how he has overcome the limitations his blindness seems to impose. He holds nothing back, sharing stories and anecdotes generously; and answering questions honestly so that listeners will learn from him and confront their own challenges courageously.

“My passion is to inspire listeners to move past their perceived limitations and find success.”


A Walk In The Dark:
Audiences will learn steps to build resilience and overcome adversity. I Teach through personal anecdotes, insights, and original music from the perspective of someone who cannot see what is ahead.

Life Is A Team Sport:
With stories, observations and original songs from my experience as a guide dog handler, I teach audiences to strengthen their “life team” through trust, empowerment, and motivation.

We’re All Disabled So Get Over It:
Audiences will build self confidence as I share stories, personal insights and original songs which demonstrate how similar we all are In our imperfection.


I highly recommend Rusty for your next event! He’s funny, warm, engaging, and inspiring! Everyone loved having Rusty perform at a school event! He inspired our students to adopt a growth mindset and the kids absolutely loved his stories and meeting his dog, Egret.
Kimberly Phillips
Director of Homeschooling, Method Charter School
Rusty brings a hopeful positive energy to the stage. Performing with his guide dog, Egret, Rusty offers many life stories to encourage and uplift. Thanks, Rusty and Egret!
Andi Kowal
I needed to hear this message today…. thank you Rusty.
Elle Zober
Rusty is fantastic! His ability to work with tween, teens, and adults is remarkable.  His teaching style was easy for students to understand and implement.
Working with Rusty was so easy, we requested that he not only continue working with us, but to be a speaker at our grand opening. The value that Rusty brings to table is unmeasurable.
Kristina Rose Anderson
Librarian I, Corona Public Library
Loved this SO MUCH!
Jamie Bloom Hillman

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